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Totally Tanked podcast

Dec 15, 2019

In our Christmas edition we take on the mighty Soviet Colossus, the KV-1.

Also the beer review is Bombardier Premium British Ale!

Nov 30, 2019

The most influential tank of the cold war? Consider the little known, but widely fought light French terror, the AMX-13.

Nov 2, 2019

New host Rob joins John to take us through the smallest and most obscure tank with an unexpectedly huge cultural impact.

It's the Ontos, The Thing, The Pig, or, in polite company, the "Rifle, Multiple 106 mm, Self-propelled, M50".

Apr 7, 2019

Andrew and John try to figure out how one tank can be so great, and so abysmally bad, at the same time.

It's a small, fast, tough, swimming tank with a really big gun. What more can you ask for?

Mar 12, 2019

Andrew and John go through the gubbins of what makes a modern tank as we kick the tracks of the tank of the free world, the euro-tank, the global-tank, the Leopard 2!